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We stopped checking for monsters under our beds when we realized they were inside us.


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Khan Academy is a gift from the heavens

In other words, I’m staying up until I get hyperbola conic sections

and all of the sweets in the kitchen will be gone

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i look like half dead trash, pray for me and my survival

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"Sirius headcanons?"


  • He knew how to speak French due to his upbringing and family, and often had family vacations in France. The Black family had a villa in the south of France.
  • He had various tutors before he went to Hogwarts. Each tutor had to be screened very thoroughly by Mr and Mrs Black before they could teach their sons. Sirius and Regulus had a very vigorous education before Hogwarts, especially focussing on Wizarding History and pureblood supremacy. 
  • His tutors tried to teach him how to play the piano, but he refused to practise and would just mess around in his lessons so they gave up and he never learned properly.
  • Physical punishments were often used at home. On multiple occasions, Kreacher was instructed to punish Sirius, which is why Sirius hated Kreacher so much.
  • He hated his home and his family before he even went to Hogwarts. When he was very young, he didn’t understand why it was considered a good things that muggles/muggleborns had been killed in wars before, or why he was better just because he was a Black.
  • On family outings, Regulus and Sirius were required to stay close to Mrs Black and not talk to any other children, in case they were muggles or muggleborns. The first time they went to Diagon Alley he started talking to another child when his mother was preoccupied. When Mrs Black discovered them chatting, she shouted at the other child, screaming at her and asking her if she was a pureblood. When the girl replied no, Mrs Black grabbed Sirius’ arm and pulled him away. He was severely punished when they got home. That was the first time Sirius consciously recognised that he disagreed with his family’s views, because that little girl seemed so nice.
  • He began talking to Andromeda after that, in stolen moments away from the rest of the family. Although Sirius was very young, he knew his family would be extremely angry if they found out, but in hushed whispers Andromeda told Sirius that their family was wrong and that she wished she’d not been sorted in Slytherin because it would have been easier to get away if she hadn’t been. 
  • After that, Sirius didn’t want to be in Slytherin.
  • He was absolutely taken by James when he met him in that compartment on their first day of school. He’d heard of James once before - his parents had been discussing the Potters - and he loved everything about James. He was a kindred spirit and mischievous and clever and when James said he wanted to be in Gryffindor, suddenly Sirius knew that that was the only house he wanted to be sorted into. Sirius, being the drama queen that he was, was certain that he would lay down his life for this friend he’d just met. He loved that James was boisterous and energetic, because Sirius was so used to being told that that was not how to behave.
  • Sirius tried to learn from James. James offhandedly made remarks about the War that was already going on. James said he wanted to fight, like his dad was fighting for muggleborn rights, and that of course being a muggleborn wasn’t a bad thing, how could it be?
  • It wasn’t until Sirius started staying at the Potter’s house that he was truly educated. James’ dad, Mr Potter, explained it properly to him. Although it was obviously a good thing that he was being educated, he had a lot of unlearning to do. It made him hate his family even more.
  • Before Sirius was allowed to stay at the Potter’s, Mrs Potter had to visit Mr and Mrs Black. Mrs Potter was at Grimmauld Place for about 3 hours before they finally agreed to let him stay for a week in the summer. Mrs Potter came out of the house fuming. She had only kept her cool because she realised that James loved Sirius - she could tell by his letters, although at first she had been surprised (she’d heard about the Blacks) - and as soon as she stepped into Grimmauld Place she realised what a childhood Sirius had had.
  • Mrs Potter made a huge effort with Sirius after that. She sent him letters and care packages. It wasn’t long before Sirius had his own room at the Potters. Sirius decorated it himself.
  • Mrs Potter also made trips to Hogwarts to discuss Sirius and James with Professor McGonagall - Mrs Potter said she didn’t want anything to do with him and his pranks.
  • Over the first few years of Hogwarts, his hatred for his parent’s and his family increased. It multiplied when he heard his parent’s talking about werewolves and how they should be put down. The amount of arguments they had increased, and he spent as little of his holidays there as possible. He tried to run away to the Potter’s once before in the summer between his 3rd and 4th year, but Mr Black came and dragged him home, Sirius struggling with all his might. Mrs Potter watched Mr Black and Sirius Apparate on the drive with tears in her eyes, angry that there was no system in place that would let her legally adopt him. James trashed his room that night in anger, and Mrs Potter didn’t scold him.
  • Before Regulus came to Hogwarts, Sirius tried to convince him to be Sorted into a different House than Slytherin. He tried to tell him that his family’s views were wrong and that being in a different House would help him learn and escape. Regulus didn’t reply. After Regulus’ sorting, Sirius found him and they fought. Regulus just kept saying that one of them had to be a dutiful son. Sirius disappeared that night and the rest of the Marauder’s stayed up, anxiously waiting for him.
  • He regularly wrote to Andromeda while he was at Hogwarts. She told him before she was about to run away to marry Ted. He helped her pack her bags. Andromeda never believed that Sirius was guilty when he was convicted to a lifetime in Azkaban. 
  • Smoking cigarettes in the Wizarding World used to be considered a very muggle thing to do, since most wizards smoked pipes and didn’t use harmful substances. Sirius used to smoke muggle cigarettes to aggravate his parents. He also used to use them to de-stress.
  • He also slouched in his chair and made his writing messier to annoy his parents. His writing had been pretty neat before he came to Hogwarts, due to wraps on the knuckles from his various tutors, but eventually it became habit that his writing was messier and he permanently slouched.
  • The pictures on his wall in Grimmauld Place were there to annoy his parents, he didn’t really care that much for bikini-clad girls.
  • He was immensely popular with the teachers at Hogwarts, despite being a trouble-maker. He had a special relationship with McGonagall, who let him sit in her office and gave him biscuits when she knew he was struggling with his home life.
  • At school, Sirius excelled at his subjects, especially Charms, DADA and Tranfiguration. He hated Divination and Potions (he wasn’t actually bad at Potions, it was only because Snape was better than him and Sirius could be malicious). 
  • James and Sirius only really hexed Slytherins, who they thought deserved it, because James was very black and white in his morals and wouldn’t hex people for no reason - though his reasoning was very different to other peoples. However, for James it was all just for fun (except perhaps with Snape) . Sirius found it hilarious too, but for him there was more malice in the pranks, and he found a perverse pleasure in hexing and playing pranks on Slytherins as he felt like he was punishing his parents. 
  • James and Sirius were idols to the younger years in their 4th year onwards. James would help them with their homework and even give extra Quidditch training to those who asked, but Sirius kept himself aloof from them and didn’t really bother himself with who they were. In some ways, this made them admire him more, and they would often fall over themselves if he spoke a few words to one of them.
  • He wasn’t fully aware of how many girls were attracted to him
  • Sirius never joined the Quidditch team. He was good at most of the positions, but he never bothered and always said it was too much effort to actually join and attend practises, saying he didn’t want to be told when to play. He never had the same discipline as James when it came to Quidditch. However, he did end up attending most of the Gryffindor practises and helped James practice separately. Of course, he always attended the House matches, and was always the one who cheered the loudest and roar at the opponents.
  • Part of the reason why Sirius played that prank on Snape was because Snape was hanging around a lot with Regulus and Sirius was adamant that Snape was trying to convince Regulus to join the Death Eaters.
  • After the prank, James and Sirius stopped talking for about a month. This was the longest that James and Sirius had ever gone without talking since they had met. Sirius was moody and sulky during this time. He wouldn’t sleep and he liked to smash things and smoke. He skived his lessons a lot, and McGonagall was especially worried about him. It was a specially bad time for Sirius. 
  • During this time, James accidentally encountered a Boggart and it assumed the shape of Sirius with a Dark Mark on his arm. James was scared that Sirius would become a Death Eater, even though he despised the Death Eaters. James was worried that Sirius was going to be consumed by hate. After this, he made it up with Sirius. Sirius never knew this was the reason, as James knew that he would hate the fact that even a small part of James thought Sirius could be a Death Eater. Remus and Peter were relieved that they were friends again.
  • After the prank on Snape, the tensions between Snape and Sirius and James were at an all time high. They got even worse after Snape tried to tell people that Remus was a werewolf, even against Dumbledore’s warnings. It was after this that the events in Snape’s Worst Memory occur.
  • After their 6th/7th year, James got over his hatred of Snape. He just felt sorry for him, and it surprised him when he realised this. Sirius was wrong in thinking it was because James and Lily became friends. Sirius still hated Snape bitterly.
  • He loved puns and was very sarcastic
  • Sirius’ motorbike was a Muggle Studies project he started to annoy his parents. In fact, he only took Muggle Studies in the first place to annoy his parents.
  • Sirius and Lily had a rocky relationship in the awkward James/Lily pre-dating stage. After they bonded, they had an extremely unique and strong relationship, each seeing the other as a sibling.
  • Lily introduced Sirius to muggle literature and to Doctor Who and Sirius fell in love with Tolkien, Doctor Who and the Chronicles of Narnia. She also introduced him to muggle music.
  • Sirius was distraught after Mr and Mrs Potter died and dealt with it possibly worse than James. They were like parents to him, the only parents he had ever known. He loved Sunday dinner at the Potter’s, even after he got his own flat.
  • Sirius had no doubts about wanting to join the Order after Hogwarts, especially since James was going to join
  • James was left-handed and Sirius was right-handed, meaning they often coordinated themselves in fights to ensure that neither one of them was open to curses and they were perfectly in tune with each others’ thoughts.
  • James and Lily’s wedding was one of the happiest day of his lives, because he was so pleased that two of his favourite people were getting married and were happy
  • Sirius’ moments with Baby Harry were some of the best memories that he had. He often transformed into a dog to play with Harry.
  • The main things he thought about when he was in Azkaban was the fact that he didn’t trust Remus and the fact that James and Lily were dead because of him. He often wondered about where Harry was and what he was doing.
  • He refused to go into his room and Regulus’ room at Grimmauld Place after he escaped from Azkaban.
  • He struggled to produce a corporeal patronus after Azkaban
  • Part of the reason why he was so angry about Mrs Weasley concealing information from Harry was because he thinks that children should be fully educated on wars and politics - he thinks Regulus may not have joined the Death Eaters if he had been educated properly at Hogwarts about the War. 
  • He was reckless after returning to Grimmauld Place because he didn’t care that much if he died anymore. He was tired and he was actually suicidal, and was only trudging on because of Harry. 
  • He realised he was falling through the veil a split second before he actually went fully through and his last thought was “I’ll get to see James again”. 


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I don’t really think I’m that good at anatomy (or females) but this is quite a popular request so… I’m making a tutorial, and this is the part to show you what NOT to do with your fellow humans. More coming… eventually.

I suck at breast variations, but I try; see this page for awesome references: x

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I was straight once, turns out it was a phase

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Tutorial: How to make an updates tab like this



tutorial below the cut

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Honestly can’t wait for the 50 shades movie to normalize the manipulation of lower-level female employees. Can’t wait for the new wave of “consent is sexy” banners on the cover of cosmo. Can’t wait for teen girls to think that a controlling relationship is romantic. Can’t wait for sexualized violence to become increasingly mainstream. And most of all, I can’t wait for BDSM to be labeled a feminist revolution.

let me remind ppl that 50sog doesnt portray a healthy bdsm relationship and misleads people into beliving that that abusive bullshit is what bdsm is about when its about consent and trust and safety and freedom to make a choice without any sorts of manipulation. also bdsm relationships are not always consisting of a cis man dominating a cis woman and many queer and trans and nb people enjoy bdsm in different forms. otherwise this post is spot on rly

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I’m never swearing again.


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